Too often shoe purchases are made by people standing on one foot next to a stack of boxes at a self- serve discount store. At Valentine Comfort Shoes, customers can relax as we measure each foot and assess any special needs. We feel this information equips us with more knowledge and allows us to offer you the best possible solution.  Our staff can identify your arch type and recommend the styles that best match your foot type and the way you walk.


In addition to finding you the best possible shoe, we also have a variety of orthotic products that can better enhance your fit and lifestyle. We also have the ability to make shoe modifications to the inside of shoes, ie, heel wedges, heel lifts, arch modifications, metatarsal pads, callous offloads, etc.  We support the arch, control the foot, and customize the fit. By providing our customers with a personal customized fit, we hope to improve their quality of life.

If a perfect shoe is not enough for your feet, rest assured because we also offer a variety of insoles, heel lifts, metatarsal pads, and other customized orthotics for your needs.

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